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  • February 11, 2018
Montepulciano Italy at Sunset

It’s officially the dead of winter and I’m thinking to myself, “I haven’t blogged in months.” Seriously, months. (That’s a sure-fire way for your blog to fail, Michelle, come on!)  Anyway, since we last spoke, a lot has been happening in our lives, but for now I will keep this short and sweet.

We’ve traveled, yes, but currently our travel bug is taking a short sabbatical.

Here’s a quick recap on some of our recent trips that brought 2017 to an end.

Small Streets of Italy
Wandering the streets of Civita de Bagnoregio, Umbria.
Italian hillscape
Look at that view! The landscape isn’t bad, either.
Orvieto Bell Tower
Climbing the bell tower in Orvieto, Italy.

Sometimes the best views are from the road…

Window view of Umbria, Italy
Admiring the hill country of Umbria, Italy.

I’m going to be honest, though. In the last few months, my focus has really shifted, and the blog sort of fell to the wayside with all of the other things I have been up to!

Here’s a sneak peak of what has been keeping us all so busy…

Pregnancy Announcement with Dog
We’re expecting!

That’s right – Ava’s going to be a big sister! Yay! We absolutely cannot wait. This sweet dog has been with my husband and I since early in our dating days, and obviously this is a big deal for my husband, myself, AND Ava!

She’s grown with us so much, and the time has finally come where she gets to take on a new role as our baby girl’s first and best friend. I can’t wait to watch it all happen.

In other news, we are also wrapping up our time here in Italy. We’ll be moving back to the United States in July, so there is A LOT to do between now and then!

In the upcoming weeks and months, stay tuned on the blog for some important tips and tricks regarding moving with your dog, requirements and documentation for moving your pets overseas, and helping your dog adjust to a new baby and a growing family! 

Comment below with anything you’d like me to touch on in the upcoming weeks and I’d be happy to talk about it.  Thanks for reading! Ciao! 

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